Op-Eds and Articles

July 29, 2008
Doctor and Patient, Now at Odds By Tara Parker-Pope, New York Times

A growing chorus of Discontent suggests that the once-revered doctor-patient relationship is on the rocks.

The relationship is the cornerstone of the medical system--nobody can be helped if doctors and patients aren't getting along. But increasingly, research and anecdotal reports suggest that many patients don't trust doctors. [Read More]

June 2008
St. Joseph Hospital Transfers Patient to Mexico By Jonathan Weisbuch, MD, MPH

The article describing St. Joseph’s Hospital transfer of Antonio de Jesus Torres Aguayo to a Mexican hospital, is shocking. St. Joe’s Barrow Institute is a premiere medical facility for head trauma. To transfer a comatose crash victim to a lesser facility, one unprepared for the patient, for financial, not medical reasons, is unethical. It may also be criminal. Further injury suffered during transfer or from inadequate care in the receiving hospital, is preventable assault. [Read More]

May 2008
St. Joseph Hospital Plan to Transfer Coma Patient By Jonathan Weisbuch, MD, MPH

St. Joseph Hospital’s attempt to transfer an uninsured, comatose, post-partum woman to Honduras, defines a major problem with our healthcare system. Money is more important than patient needs, compassion, or a commitment to do no harm. Medical care is a profit-oriented business. It is no longer a calling to care for the sick, the injured or the dying. The charity hospital system no longer provides much charity. [Read More]